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Tools for Investment Profesionals

What We Do

Fund Accounting

Our platform lightens the burden of managing complex fund structures by providing purpose-built tools for managing capital activity, sub-accounts, side pockets, carried interest, high-water marks, claw-backs, management fees, and incentive fees.

Portfolio Management

Our proven portfolio management engine provides accurate valuations and integrity checks to transform your transactional activity into valuable insight.

General Ledger

A fully integrated general
ledger ensures that both
shareholder and investment
data are synchronized for a
unified view of a firm’s
operational infrastructure.


Our vast library of reports encompasses portfolio management and performance analytics. We provide highly configurable automated delivery options, with a suite of dashboards and APIs for clients who want to drill down into their investment data.


Our team of experts reconcile shareholder and security positions daily to ensure that your investment decisions are based on the most accurate information available. We maintain tax versus book allocations to ensure GPs are able to report to stakeholders on a timely basis.

Data Aggregation

Every day, we import and normalize data from our custodial data network, coalescing distributed investment data into a canonical Investment Book of Record (IBOR).

Who We Serve

Financial Institutions

Banks, custodians, and broker-dealers rely on PortfolioShop to consolidate data, maintain back-office operations, and distribute custom reporting packages to their customers as a value-added service.

Investment Managers

Over 1000 investment advisors and GPs leverage our integrated suite to track investment cost, value assets, measure performance and calculate risk across a range of structures like private equity, fund-of-funds, stand-alone funds, SMAs and master-feeder.

Family Offices

High-net-worth families have a unique set of requirements ranging from operational to financial. Our platform provides a cohesive solution that is tailored to single and multi-family offices.

Service Providers

Our platform serves as your single source of truth that can be integrated with other aspects of your operation like Trading Platforms, Interested Parties, and Fund Administrators.

Why Choose Us?

End-to-End Automation

We coalesce data from a broad network of custodians, reconcile trade data and disseminate customizable reporting packages automatically. Daily, weekly, and monthly processes run like clockwork so that you can focus on managing your assets, not your workflows.

Accuracy & Integrity

Over 25 years in the investment accounting space, we’ve built layers of intelligence into our platform to provide figures that are reliable and actionable. Daily reconciliation with your counterparties ensures the consistency of the information on which your investment decisions are based.

Concierge Service

Whether your needs are technical, economic, or operational, our support team is ready to offer solutions. With decades of industry experience in all aspects of investment management, we are dedicated to ensuring that your back-office operates smoothly.

What Our Clients Say


PortfolioShop offers a great product with an extremely wide selection of on-demand reports. We find their web portal very easy to navigate and their customer service to be among the industry’s best.

COO | Introducing Prime Broker


PortfolioShop’s software has been an asset to my firm for the better part of a decade. It is reliable and easy to use, allowing us to seamlessly integrate it with our back-office system and keep our clients happy.

COO | Fund Administrator


PortfolioShop allows fund managers to create virtually any report they could possibly want. Administrators are also thrilled to hear that our clients are using PortfolioShop, since they know there will be no integration problems.

CEO | OMS Provider

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