Oct 24

Choosing Partners Over Providers

This summer, PortfolioShop was proud to be named HedgeWeek’s Best Portfolio Management Software of 2023. In a sit-down with the publication, Eric Sontag, our President, had the opportunity to share a few of the key tenets of the philosophy that ultimately led to our selection for this honor.

Choose a partner over a provider. There is no shortage of pedigreed service and solution providers in the hedge fund space, but a boutique partner with deep industry expertise and a focus on providing high-quality personalized service tends to deliver more value to the emerging fund manager.

Eric Sontag in HedgeWeek, September 14, 2023

At PortfolioShop, we’ve emphasized service since before SaaS was the dominant paradigm. No matter the size of your operation, we work with you to tailor our platform to your firm’s needs and operational bandwidth.

We invite you to read the entire HedgeWeek interview to learn more about our current offerings and get in touch to see how we can partner with your team to empower you to “grow alpha, not operations.”