We know that no two firms are alike. Our powerful, web-based suite can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Fund Accounting

Our Fund Accounting Module is powered by a comprehensive, tax technical model that covers all of the special allocation areas that typically cause problems for investment partnerships.

Aggregation & Tax Layering

Implement Aggregation, the most fair and accurate method of apportioning gains and losses in a partnership, with a fraction of the usual time and effort. Tax Layering is also available.

No More Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to the time-consuming, error-prone process of using spreadsheets to manually roll periods.

Fund Administration

Focus on the high-level aspects of administering your partnership with a robust interface for managing capital contributions, creating unlimited side pockets, and maintaining high-water marks, clawbacks, and hurdles, as well as management and incentive fees.

Tax Reporting & NAV Statements

Schedule the distribution of K-1s, Partnership Letters and other reports so partners stay up to date automatically.

Portfolio Management

Regardless of a client’s size or complexity, our ultra-flexible Investment Book of Record (IBOR) module provides the tools to maintain your cost basis and ultimately make better-informed investment decisions, helping you to effectively manage your operational risk.


All major asset classes are supported, including Fixed Income, Equities, Derivatives, FX, Swaps and more

Asset Valuation

The platform supports external market data feeds and also has the capability to validate pricing


Easily maintain custom composites for benchmarking your portfolios

Tax Lot, Accrual-Based Accounting

Access market-data feeds to track dividend accruals, plus accrued income for fixed income instruments

Multiple Closing Methods

Choose from FIFO, LIFO, High Cost, Low Cost, Minimize Capital Gains and Specific Lot closing methods

Supplemental Market Data Feeds

Use supplementary data for benchmarks, pricing, dividend accruals and corporate actions

General Ledger

Speed up your fund’s financial close and maintain compliance with reporting demands of clients. Easy to use interface allows for recording and tracking of management fees, incentive fees, prepayments, overpayments, along with income and expense sub-categories.

Trial Balance

Chart-of-account balances accessible at a point-in-time to validate journal entries posted to the GL.

Financial Statements

Run Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet queries to diagnose investment manager and private investment fund financial close status. Utilize tax and book reporting flexibility to comply with GAAP, IRS, and SEC requirements.

Journal Entries

Manage financials using double-entry (debit/credit) accounting to stay organized for tax time and compliance with audit and regulatory inquiries.

Chart of Accounts

Accounts for each security and shareholder are automatically integrated. User-defined mapping support custom income, expense, asset, equity and other financial accounts.

Auditor Dashboard

Streamline responses to investors and regulators utilizing the easy-to-use management tool. Leverage flexibility of the module to streamline AR/AP management oversight.


The PortfolioShop platform provides an extensive collection of customizable, automated reports that deliver consistent, reliable information to all interested parties. Users can easily generate sharp-looking, concise views of financial analysis ranging from management-level cross references to performance attribution and portfolio valuation.


  • Realized Gains & Losses
  • Performance Summary
  • Performance Attribution


  • Recurring Accounting Journal Entries, Financing & Stock Loan/Borrow
  • Security Cross Reference
  • Assets Under Management
  • Commissions
  • Wash Sales

Online Portal

Access your investment information through our intuitive, easy-to-use online interface


  • Portfolio Beta
  • Portfolio VaR
  • VaR using Historical Simulation
  • Monte Carlo


  • By Asset Class
  • By Security Type
  • By Custom Sector/Industry
  • By Currency/Country
  • Unrealized Gains & Losses


  • Transaction Details
  • Commission Summary
  • Cash Ledger
  • Purchase/Sale
  • Dividend/Income
  • Contribution/Withdrawal


  • Positions
  • Market Value
  • Cost Basis
  • Dividend and Interest Accruals


The system is able to meet an extremely broad range of client needs, such as the ability to automate customizable reporting package delivery via e-mail, API or FTP.


Each day, our experienced back-office operations staff reviews and reconciles your trading data, saving clients countless hours of non-alpha generating work.


Our solutions are fully integrated with most major investment technology solutions, allowing for seamless, automated data uploads to a wide variety of trading, risk and compliance systems

Data Management

PortfolioShop manages all data retention and management needs in our SOC1 and HIPAA-HITECH Compliant Data Center

Expert Operational Professionals

Our seasoned staff understands the investment management space inside and out, providing peace of mind that your books and records are being handled correctly


The platform operates via a Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS), eliminating the need for costly outlays for software, hardware or technical infrastructure

Risk Management

The Risk Management Module provides risk information across a broad range of instruments and asset classes, using multiple Value at Risk (VaR) simulation methodologies, robust stress testing, sensitivity analysis and flexible instrument pricing models.


Measure correlations across asset classes, strategies or custom classifications to analyze a portfolio’s risk, volatility and risk-adjusted return based on historical performance with ex-post risk statistics


We provide extensive Option Analytics capabilities, including all Greeks, as well as multi-model VaR, Expected Tail Loss, Correlation & Co-variance matrices and more

Stress Testing Capabilities

Design custom strategies or tap a library of historical events or hypothetical scenarios driven by regression analysis

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