Aug 11

Using PortfolioShop’s Fund Accounting Module to Manage Complex Fund Structures

The intricacies of allocating income and expenses to partners are contingent upon a fund’s structure, the asset classes traded by the fund, where the investors are located, as well as high-water marks, carried interest and more. We’ve synthesized our understanding of managing special income allocations into a helpful infographic to aid you in identifying key details that impact how your fund’s income must be classified and distributed.

In scrutinizing operations, regulators and institutional investors demand that investment managers implement controls over their fund accounting infrastructure. Spreadsheets and legacy systems don’t address the challenges of managing these calculations and reporting requirements across series, side pockets, and other sub-classes.

PortfolioShop’s comprehensive fund accounting module empowers you and your clients to focus more on portfolio management and less on fund administration. We invite you to check it out the infographic and get in touch with us to find out more about how our technologies and experience can help you stay on top of your operational needs.

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