Who We Serve

Investment professionals across the industry rely on our platform to manage their operational and accounting needs

Financial Institutions

Banks, custodians, and broker-dealers rely on PortfolioShop to consolidate data, maintain back-office operations, and distribute custom reporting packages to their customers as a value-added service.

Investment Managers

Over 1000 investment advisors and GPs leverage our integrated suite to track investment cost, value assets, measure performance and calculate risk across a range of structures like private equity, fund-of-funds, stand-alone funds, SMAs and master-feeder.

Family Offices

High-net-worth families have a unique set of requirements ranging from operational to financial. Our platform provides a cohesive solution that is tailored to single and multi-family offices.

Service Providers

Our platform serves as your single source of truth that can be integrated with other aspects of your operation like Trading Platforms, Interested Parties, and Fund Administrators.

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